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Projects & Initiatives

TKW Consulting can provide training in many of the projects and initiatives offered in the State of

Minnesota. Most of these programs are offered in multiple sessions and some of these porgrams are

not currently being trained, but if there is interest they may be able to be scheduled through your

regional Child Care Resource and Referral Agency. Please see the detailed page for the program

you are interested in.

SURGE Support Child Care Project

The Surge Support Child Care Project is a national model of respite child care for families of

deployed Army National Guard and Reserve soldiers. For more information contact your local

CCR&R or training coordinator.


SEEDS of School Readiness and Early Literacy Project

A program designed to give child care providers information about how to create a literacy rich

classroom or home for 3 to 5 year old children.


Not By Chance: Child Care That Supports School Readiness

Not by Chance: Child Care that Supports School Readiness is a training curriculum designed to

provide concrete information on Minnesota’s endorsed quality support tools. This learning system,

offered by Child Care Resource & Referral, is structured in three levels: Foundations of Quality, Tools

to Create Quality, and Quality in Practice. Building on the existing excellence of Minnesota child care

providers, the Not by Chance trainings provide information and resources to measure this excellence

and take it to the next level. This educational series sets out to prepare the field for the changing face

of child care and a new era in which every provider is viewed and valued as an early educator.



An observational assessment for evaluating the development of infants and toddlers.


Project Exceptional

A program that provides activities and materials in workshops that are designed for individuals who

are interested in expanding their knowledge about inclusion in early childhood and school-age



Nurtured Heart Approach

Children with high intensity temperaments are often children who challenge us in school or child care

settings. The "Nurtured Heart Approach", based on the work of Howard Glasser, is a unique

approach for working with children who have challenging behaviors.


Six Keys

The Six Keys: Strategies for Promoting Children’s Mental Health in Early Childhood Programs is based on the curriculum by the same name and uses evidence-based practice and current research to demonstrate key components necessary for promoting emotional well-being in early childhood programs. There are a series of seven 2–4 hour workshops about the theories of emotional development, resilience, self-regulation, temperament, and many useful strategies for the early childhood setting. MORE INFO

Children's Development from Birth to 3 Years

This training is about child development and on recognizing red flags, typical and atypical

development, and when/how to share concerns with family.

Building Cultural Connections

A program that focuses on the importance of culture in the healthy social development of all children

rather than focusing on one specific culture or ethnicity.


Children and Challenging Behaviors

“Children and Challenging Behavior: Making Inclusion Work, is an evidence-based, peer-reviewed narrative training with accompanying training activities designed for each workshop (two volume set). This course includes a series of seven 2–4 hour workshops about the function of behavior, the role of environment, tools for your toolbox, specific strategies for ADHD and Autism, and much more. MORE INFO

Second Step

A violence prevention program.


Essential Elements

A program designed for new or beginning early care providers.



A series of seven training modules that cover a variety of play issues that may affect young children

and strategies to support play-based learning.


Building Cultural Connections

A program that focuses on the importance of culture in the healthy social development of all children rather

than focusing on one specific culture or ethnicity through a series of workshops.The curriculum addresses

many of the concepts that are common in working with children and families around differences in culture and



Some other projects that you may be interested in that we do not offer at this time, include:

ITTI - Infant Toddler Training Intensive

First Signs of Autism

Promoting Quality Child Care.
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