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The Hand-in-Hand is a series of seven training modules that cover a variety of play issues that may affect young children. Each module includes a video and interactive workshop activities. Module 1 When a Child Doesn’t Play When a Child Doesn’t Play is the foundation for the series, presenting information on the value of play and how play problems put children at risk for delayed learning and development. Module 1 shows the 6 play problem behaviors that are discussed in detail in subsequent modules. It also demonstrates a flexible, responsive process of intervention that can be adapted to each child’s needs. Module 2 The Child Who Wanders Module 2 providers opportunities to observe children who wander, to learn some of the reasons for the behavior and to watch various ways teachers intervene to help children with different needs settle into play. Module 3 The Child Who Dabbles Module 3 provides opportunities to observe children who are only marginally invested in their play, presents possible reasons for the behavior and shows strategies designed to help them play with greater depth and focus. Module 4 The Child Who Appears Anxious Module 4 shows how children who appear anxious are often reluctant to join in play. It also discusses possible reasons for the behavior and shows teachers using peer, curriculum and direct interventions to help children become more trusting, relaxed and playful. Module 5 The Child Who Appears Aloof Module 5 shows children who avoid others and appear unwilling to make social contact. Viewers see how teachers identify these children and draw them into activities that help them connect with other children. Module 6 The Child Who is Ignored Module 6 looks at children who are ignored by others. Some of these children lack the skills to get involved with play groups. In this module, viewers see how teachers help these children learn to enter play groups and assume various roles in play,. Module 7 The Child Who is Rejected Provides a look at children who are rejected when they try to play with others. Discusses the need for children to have positive social play experiences and demonstrates ways teachers can help children be accepted by others and sustain positive interactions. Each module is a 2 hour workshop. A series of workshops using all the modules would be 7 classes of 2 hour sessions. This landmark series helps viewers learn to observe children's behaviors and discover what skills they need to develop. HAND-IN-HAND presents a unique model for identifying children in the play environment who are missing out on learning. Video scenes show children who are easily overlooked and children who quickly get labeled as problems. Now you can show how skilled early care professionals use a variety of strategies to individualize for children's needs and abilities. The HAND-IN-HAND series demonstrates how to support children who are shy or timid, children who can't engage with materials or with classmates and children who act out in frustration or anger. HAND-IN-HAND shows how to help each child take the next step. Seven remarkable videos document caregivers supporting children with varied needs and skills in the midst of pressured days. Enhance learning and development with the powerful Hand In Hand videos to introduce strategies that can increase understanding, learning and social success for the diverse children in your care. HAND-IN-HAND demonstrates how to: Build trust with each child Support emerging language skills Help children attend and focus Teach negotiation skills Use conflict to expand understanding Validate feelings and needs Nurture self-esteem and confidence Increase awareness of others' feelings Adapt curriculum to individual needs
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