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Essential Elements..

Are you in the process of becoming licensed to provide family child care in your home, or have you become licensed within the past two years? Have you ever asked a question such as...... Is there a difference in coverage of liability insurance? What do I do when one child bites another? How do I meet the needs of a 12 month old child and a 9 year old at the same time? How are parents a valuable resource? What are my rights as a licensed child care provider? I wish you had someone to talk about anything related to child care? Then this class is for you! If so, you may qualify for a unique training designed to help you set up a successful family child care business and make the day-to-day challenges of running a child care business easier. The Minnesota Child Care Provider Information Network offers 16 hours of classes (2 hours per week for 8 weeks) covering all of the basics that you need to be a family child care provider. Classes offered include: Record Keeping for a Business In Your Home Parent/Provider Relationships Environments Nutrition, Health and Safety Ages & Stages Child Guidance Professionalism Rights and Responsibilities MCCPIN asks you to commit to the following: A minimal amount of hands-on homework in your child care business. Feedback on each module/class to help design a series of classes that is being offered statewide and to evaluate its effectiveness. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MLFCCA SETTING UP THESE CLASSES FOR YOU IN YOUR AREA, CONTACT MLFCCA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Barb Wagner 651-636-1989 OR 1-800- 652-9704 AND MAKE THE REQUEST. MANY SATISFIED PROVIDERS HAVE TAKEN THIS TRAINING AND ARE ON THEIR WAY TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN LICENSED FAMILY CHILD CARE. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU IF YOU'D LIKE TO BE ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY! Essential Elements Class Descriptions: #1 Record Keeping for a Business in Your Home Learn how to organize your record keeping system. Figure out your Time/Space Formula. Define Income and Expense. Develop a budget to help you determine Parent Fees. Learn how to use Quarterly Reports, Forms and Software. #2 Parent Provider Relationships What should be in your Contract? How do you write Policies to include Respect, Rights and Responsibilities? Learn unique ways to communicate information to parents. Build a professional, working relationship with your clients. #3 Environment Learn how to satisfy the needs of space and storage for both your business and your family. This class is filled with examples and ideas from a wide variety of child care settings. Learn how to build your environment to enhance learning and growth development. You will discover how to market your environment to parents. #4 Nutrition, Sanitation, Health & Safety This class is filled with information to make your business a healthy and safe environment. Here are some of the topics covered: CACFP regulations and benefits / Sample Menus / Sanitation, Safety and proper Hand washing; Adult and Child / Communicable Diseases / Immunizations / Medications / Making Child Care Safe and Fun / Special Needs / Legal Requirements and Resource Info #3 Ages & Stages of Developmental Growth What can I do to encourage child growth and development? Gain an understanding of How Children Learn. Receive a Resource Bag to direct you to Equipment, Toys and Supplies to build your environment towards better learning and development. Learn the difference between arts and crafts. Learn how to encourage a strong reading environment and using the different forms of play. #6 Child Guidance Learn age appropriate Behavior and Development Skills. Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School and School Age children all react differently in certain situations. Learn how to deal with challenging behaviors and make them positive learning lessons using Proactive Guidance and Discipline Techniques. #7 Professional Development What type of training is out there for providers to improve the quality of care? In this class, you will learn where to go to find just the right training for you. Break up the isolation that so many providers suffer from. Build a network of providers and professionals to obtain resources and help when you need it. Learn about the different Accreditation Programs available to Providers. Learn how to contact your CCR&R, Local and State Association. Get tips on Grant Writing and where to get them. #8 Rights & Responsibilities Know your Rights. Protect your Family and Business. Learn of the various legal and liability issues that can happen to providers. Build a defense system to protect yourself. Other topics covered include Rule II, Support Systems, Liability Insurance, Abuse, Neglect and Reporting & Correction Orders. "Essential Elements of Family Child Care©" is 16 hours of certified family child care training which emerged through the nonprofit mission of MCCPIN.
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